In this changing technological landscape in which we navigate, it takes constant research to stay abreast of changes that can impact your bottomline. When it comes to rich media, you can leave it to us to incorporate the latest, most efficient breakthroughs in this constantly evolving field.

Of particular interest is the growing influence of Web 2.0. The interactive nature of what we produce is a perfect fit to social networking. Mobile delivery is another avenue we are currently exploring. If you have any questions about current or future technologies as it pertains to hotel marketing, please give us a call: 435-260-2147.

E-Strategies Focus on Engagement download read online
A concise article on how customer interaction is more valuable today than interruptive advertising that asks for immediate action. It's all about engaging the viewer in a way that converts lookers to bookers.

Importance of Hotel Virtual Tours for Hotels download read online
A basic primer on the value of hotel virtual tours and other forms of rich media, and how it benefits a website's effectiveness. Of course, we're sold on the effectiveness of virtual tours, especially when it comes to increasing bookings. Check out our R.O.I Calculator, and play with the numbers yourself



Internet Video and the Travel Industry download read online
Online travel-related research outpaces actual online buying by two-to-one, which means it is increasingly important for industry websites to grab and keep visitors. Putting video online is the most effective way to accomplish this.


Leveraging Website Photography download read online
This is an excellent overview of the role of photography on your hotel website: finding the right photographer, optimizing images for the web, and the role that rich media can play.

Hotel Online Marketing in 2009 download read online
A great compendium of ideas and strategies in light of the economic challenges we face this year, from nine different industry experts. One conclusion we like: there will be an increased use of rich media and online PR -- right up our alley!

Rich Media Trumps Traveler Reviews download read online
In a nutshell: People researching travel would rather see the options for themselves than simply act on the recommendations of others. "In fact, travelers want to view the options in detail via pictures, online maps and video."

It's Helpful to Think Out of the Box download read online
Some words of wisdom from TripAdvisor's Nathan Clapton concerning social marketing and Web 2.0: "Be honest and open.
Don’t be afraid of customer feedback, embrace it.