Nothing provides a quicker yet long-lasting return on your investment than a Concierge360-produced virtual tour or video. Please use our R.O.I Calculator to judge for yourself.

Our R.O.I. Calculator is based on the most conservative of criteria, according to industry-wide metrics. This calculator only pertains to your hotel's website. Not included in the calculation is the impact on revenue from your virtual tour appearing on up to 10,000 websites around the world, including We base these calculations on a .16 increase to your conversion rate (lookers to bookers), even though increases of up to .33 are commonly used.

Average Daily Rate($)
Average Length of Stay(days)
Monthly Unique Visitors
Conversion Rate(%)
Monthly Revenue from Online Bookings  
Projected Increase in Conversion Rate from Concierge360 Rich Media  
Projected Increase in Monthly Bookings from Concierge360 Rich Media  
Projected Increase in Yearly Bookings from
Concierge360 Rich Media
Cost of Concierge360 Rich Media($)
Total Revenue Gain  
Annual Return on Investment(ROI)